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We are a multifaceted company, servicing many areas of the golf industry. The focus of our business is testing and evaluation of golf related items, both short and long term. We test product for many manufacturers and independent entities,ranging from Trackman evaluation and data collection of shafts and heads in pre-release form, assisting many companies in developing and creating profiles and products that will eventually make it on to retail shelves. We have been in business for over 12 years, providing this service to the golf industry and working with most of the brands you see in the bags of professionals the world over. Our staff includes industry professionals with over 20 years of golf industry experience, and our testing staff boasts 44 dedicated players of 2 handicap to professional players, with swing speeds of 100-130mph to make sure we can evaluate products at all levels.

Our business is not just limited to private testing and evaluation. We are also proud to be able to offer to you, the consumer, a variety of rare, Tour, and prototype products that you will find almost nowhere else, and in some cases, truly exclusively at GGE. You will find that we will post photos and product analysis of these products from a variety of players so that you are not flying blind on your purchase. We also offer free data analysis and online fitting FREE of charge to customers, to ensure that you are purchasing a product suitable for your needs. No other company in the industry offers this service with the testing and knowledge background of GGE, free of charge.
We also have a full service retail shop and custom club building center to allow the customer to completely customize every aspect of their clubs, including Tour hot melt services and all club adjustments. We offer most major OEM clubs, shafts, and grips for all of your custom club needs. Please check out our online store for products and custom options. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email.
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