Aldila ATX Graphene Prototypes


Tour Green graphene is best described as somewhat of a Tensei Pro White type profile with slightly more kick and life to it, but still very stable. I suppose the best description of the feel came from one of our testers. To paraphrase slightly, he said that the shaft feels like it loads, but hits a load point where everything seems to freeze and hold. Meaning that you can feel the life in the shaft when it loads up, but instead of feeling loose and overloading, it hits a point of stability in the load process where you can feel the shaft firm up and hold that load to impact. You don’t really feel a pronounced kick through the ball, more of sort of a snap release of the load up into the golf ball. It’s somewhat subtle but it almost feels like a small powerful snap into the ball at impact. I would also say that it feels a little bit more tight in the handle than a typical white board type profile, but still has that general feel, coupled with tremendous tip stability without feeling harsh. I am assuming that this is the affect of the Graphene technology, allowing the shaft to have smoothness to a degree, and no feeling of harshness, but still retain a very stiff tip section to keep the spin ultra low. It is, I would say, slightly tighter feeling overall than Synergy Black, but VERY similar in overall feel and performance. This is not anything resembling a broomstick type shaft. The feel, as in Synergy Black, is surprising to some. We just aren’t used to having a shaft with so much feel to it, yet such eye poppingly low spin numbers. If you like something you don’t feel like you need to absolutely stand on to get it to perform, but still want ultra low spin and a controlled launch angle, this is it. We also found it to be very straight hitting. Several testers commented that it was really deviating much unless they really tried to manipulate the shot pattern. Again, I’m going to assume it’s the graphene tech that is causing this, just the same as Synergy Black did.

Tour Blue graphene is, I would say more of a Mitsubishi blue board type profile. The shaft has pronounced life to it, and really has that sort of original blue board type butt stability with that lower life in the shaft that makes it feel so smooth and manageable. It is certainly not as low launch or spin than the Tour Green, and is more for the player who either wants a fairway wood combination, or even just loves the blue board feel and performance, yet does not need the massive spin reduction of the Tour Green. The kick is pronounced and the shaft was really more well received by players under 120mph. It’s a shaft that is smooth feeling, easy to turn over and move around with, yet is still stable enough not to feel uncontrollable when you want to hit your “stock shot”. Tensei Pro Blue might be a competitor for this profile, however I’d say it feels slightly more lively overall, more like an original blueboard.

ATX Black is a Tour only hybrid, mid launch, low spin, very smooth feel.

These shafts are only available through Green Grass Evaluations.

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